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PWM Chopper-Type bipolar

Stepping Motor Driver IC
The TB6560HQ is a PWM chopper-type sinusoidal micro-step
bipolar stepping motor driver IC.
It supports both 2-phase/1-2-phase/W1-2-phase/2W1-2-phase
excitation mode and forward/reverse mode and is capable of
low-vibration, high-performance drive of 2-phase bipolar type
stepping motors using only a clock signal.
• Single-chip bipolar sinusoidal micro-step stepping motor
• Uses high withstand voltage BiCD process:
Ron (upper + lower) = 0.75 Ω (typ.)
• Forward and reverse rotation control available
• Selectable phase drive (2, 1-2, W1-2, and 2W1-2)
• High output withstand voltage: VCEO = 40 V
• High output current: IOUT = HQ: 3.5 A (peak)
FG: A (peak)
• Packages: HZIP25-P-1.27/HQFP64-P-1010-0.50
• Built-in input pull-down resistor: 200 kΩ (typ.)
• Output monitor pin equipped: MO current (IMO (max) = 1 mA)
• Equipped with reset and enable pins
• Built-in overheat protection circuit

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